Oton Iveković was born in a place in Zagorje, Klanjec on 17th April 1869. In his birth place he attends the primary school, and from the beginning shows the interest for drawing and history, which will affect his future work. He continued his education in Zagreb, where he at Clausen (decoration), Hafner and Quiqerez learned the basics of drawing, afterwards also on Vienna and Munich Academy, to which him Iso Kršnjavi persuaded and helped him financially. After completing specialization in Karlsruhe he returned to Zagreb, where he is first appointed drawing teacher in the Realschule, and the very next year he became drawing teacher in the Crafts school, where he will teach until his retirement.

Except as painter Iveković worked as an illustrator, scenographer, costume designer, magazine editor and war journalist, he organized exhibitions and practiced publicist writing. He left a very rich creative opus, which is characterized by a broad range of themes, bringing the reflections of landscapes, portraits, genre scenes, images of military life, sacred compositions, as well as historical scenes, after which he became famous.