Project Title  

Tourist Infrastructure and Promotion of Selected Religious Centres


Mary's Pilgrimage Route


Economic and social development

Lead Partner organisation

Kozjanski Park public Institute

Country of Lead Partner


Partner organisations

RISO Department, Division for the development and improvement of infrastructure and social environment, Kozjansko Development Agency, Tourist Board Marija Bistrica, North Zagorje Tourist Board, Tourist Board Krapina-Zagorje County, Krapina Tourist Board, Public institution "Medvednica Nature Park, City of St. Ivan Zelina

Regions involved

Slovenia: Pomurje Region, Podravje Region, Savinja Region
Croatia: Zagreb County, Krapina-Zagorje County, Varaždin County

Start date - End date

01.10.2009 – 30.09.2011

Total budget of the operation

703.836,96 eura

Specific cross-borders objectives of the operation

Establishing a cross-border Mary’s pilgrimage route, which will be moderated by Mary’s pilgrimage centre and other Mary’s shrines in the project area, a marked cross-border Mary’s pilgrimage route for pilgrims and hikers, cultural facilities labelled by panels at the border Mary’s pilgrimage route, setting up of information panels on the main points of cross-border Mary’s pilgrimage route, maintained resting spots at Mary’s pilgrimage route (tables, benches, garbage baskets), the Lurške caves, Mary’s shrines at the pilgrimage church in Zagorje near Lesično, providing long-term maintenance of Mary’s pilgrimage route, creating a joint responsibility Project, publishing of promotional material on cross-border Mary’s pilgrimage route (pilgrimage guides, maps, leaflets, multimedia, navigation system, pilgrimage booklet, postcards ...), website project, trade mark, planning and carrying out cross-border advertising and marketing, designing a joint cross-border tourist packages for pilgrims - hikers and pilgrims who travel by buses, establishing a network of tourist service to the needs of pilgrimage tourism, participation in tourism fairs in Slovenia, Croatia and the countries of the European Union, pilgrimage tourism products, mobile exhibition on the Mary’s pilgrimage route, a symposium on the artistic and historical heritage on the pilgrimage route and a collection of research papers, training workshops for promoters and managers of natural and cultural heritage and tourism providers, qualified local tour guides, increasing the number of registered tourist service providers, official opening of Mary’s pilgrimage route.


700 km planned and ringing tables marked Mary's pilgrimage route in Slovenia and Croatia, cultural facilities at Mary’s pilgrimage routes labelled with panels, information panels on the main points of Mary pilgrimage route (Ptujska gora, Bistrica ob Sotli ...), equipment for staging the Mary pilgrimage route (tables, benches, garbage baskets), making elaborate for setting the panels, web site, a comprehensive graphical image of the project, a common brand, a pilgrimage guide, a brochure, a pilgrimage booklet, postcards, a pilgrim’s map, an interactive CD-rom, multimedia, mobile exhibition, expert consultation on the art-historical heritage in the Mary pilgrimage route, the journal of papers at professional consulting, travel packages, professional trips for journalists and representatives of tourist agencies, training for local tourist guides, educational workshops for promoters and managers of natural and cultural Heritage, animation workshops for providers of tourist services, tourist pilgrimage products, equipment for multimedia demonstration, well-maintained Lurška cave at the center of pilgrimage in Zagorje near Lesično, official opening of Mary’s pilgrimage route.


Completed tourist infrastructure for Mary pilgrimage route, placed into a local environment, creation of joint plan of promotion and marketing for Mary’s pilgrimage route, common cultural and tourism infrastructure in the cross-border tourist offer, development of the unique Slovenian-Croatian border pilgrimage region, increasing the number of tourist visitors to the project area, increasing the quality of life for people in the region, better recognition of the locations in the project area, improving the quality of tourist offer, catering facilities and accommodation with the introduction of quality guidelines, exchange of knowledge and experience between Slovenia and Croatia, state borders will present only a virtual dividing line.