Faster development of wellness and spa tourism in Krapinske Toplice began with the arrival of Jacob Badl.

Jakob Badl was born in Rogaška Slatina, in an industrialist family that owned large vineyard plantations in Maribor and surroundings. He traded with wine and horses, and his son Antun will become the owner of Staudinger leather factory in Maribor.

Near Krapinske Toplice Badl bought the feudal estate Dubrava, then, in 1857 he buys in Toplice the tavern K janjetu (At lamb’s), as well as state and folk bath.

He tears the old baths down and already in the end of 1866, at the beginning of the Austro-Prussian war, he finished the construction of the modern European bath and wellness centre. The construction lasted only seven years (1859 – 1866).

In 1861 he began to build the swimming pool, and already in May 1862 the Maria’s bath was opened with the highest ceremony and blessing (the pool was named after Badl’s wife, was one meter deep, and the height from the water surface to the ceiling was 9 m). On this occasion the foundation was laid for one more swimming pool, the Jakob’s bath.

The bath is situated on the thermal spring, and the bottom of the bath was made of oak with some distance between planks, through which the healing water older than 40.000 years even today surfaces. The water in the pool is crystal clear, without chlorine and other additives, and especially Italians enjoy this water today.

In 1876 Krapinske Toplice appear on the "tourist map" of Europe, with marked shortest paths that lead to the Toplice.

Since then, the foreign tourists, mainly from German-, Italian- and French- speaking countries, are coming to Krapinske Toplice.