Pharmacist Adolf von Thierry de Chateauvieux founded in the city Pregrada the first industrial production of medicines in Croatia. The production of medicines was based on the expert and scientific experience of pharmacy during the century long activities of pharmacists in Croatia. The correlation of pharmacy with related sciences chemistry and botany was natural, because the chemistry has been discovered and developed in pharmaceutical laboratories, and the healing herbs have always been pharmacists’ basis for preparation of medicines. Thierry’s excellent knowledge of his occupation, supported by broad and versatile knowledge of chemistry and botany manifested mostly in the industrial production of medicines and production of chemicals. On that field there were at first some small, but bright steps of Croatian pharmacists.

The pharmacist Adolf Thierry de Chateauvieux received on the 9th November 1892 the concession confirmation under the number 52 906, the work license for the pharmacy in Pregrada. Thierry hired a famous Zagreb architect Gjuro Carnelutti to design for him the project of the main building and the production complex, and opened in 1893 the pharmacy "K Angjelu čuvaru" (To the Guardian Angel).

Adolf von Thierry worked on the recipe of several drugs. The most famous were Thierry’s balsam and Thierry’s centifolia balm (for wounds); both of the recipes were later protected by the patent in London. The drugs that have been produced in Pregrada were sold and appreciated literally throughout the world.

The founder of the pharmacy Adolf Thierry with his wife Josipa had eight children. Two of them were pharmacists by profession, and the younger son Vilim Thierry took over the business after his father's death in 1920.

The family Thierry worked successfully until the end of the World War II, when their property was nationalized. The last heritor of the Thierry family, Mrs. Theae Omerza died in 2006.