Označitev ob Sotli Ministry of Financ of the Republic of Croatia, Department for Financing EU Assistance Programmes and Projects, Central Finance and Contracting Unit and Tourist bord Krapina-zagorje County ratify contract about financing the project Označitev ob Sotli. Intereg III A. The Contracting Authority undertakes to finance of EUR 160.364,55  equivalentto 75% of the estimated total eligible cost  of  EUR 213.819,40.


Tourist board Krapina-zagorje County
Address: Magistratska 3, 49000 Krapina
Contact Person: Gordana Krleža 
Phone: ++385 (49) 233-653


Krapina-Zagorje County
County Roads Administration of the Krapina Zagorje County
Zagorje Development Agency


Project activities will stimulate the exchange of information and will contribute to a better recognition of the tourist area providing attractive cross-border tourist offers. They will also stimulate joint marketing, thus contributing to the establishment of the value of cultural and natural heritage through local cultural events.

Description of project

The project contributes to the formation of joint tourist and culture space, joint informing of guests and raises the level of tourist infrastructure on both sides of the border. At the same time it enables development of new tourist products by including the rich natural and cultural heritage of the area.
Direct target groups are tourists who visit the cross-border area (spa tourists in Terme Olimia Spa, Tuhelj Spa, Rogaška Slatina Health Resort, Krapina Spa), one-day visitors, schools on excursions, etc. Indirect target group are existing and potential provider of tourist services.  
Direct beneficiaries are the operators of the tourist offer in this area: Tourist Information Centres, tourist agencies, spas, health resorts, managers of cultural, historic and natural heritage (museums, castles, churches rich with sacral art,  farm tourism, wine shops, suppliers of tourist services along the tourist wine road, users of recreational areas, producers and sellers of (ecological) farming produce, etc.
Indirect beneficiaries are: municipalities in this area, which want to set up the tourist and informative signs and the population in this area because the realization of the project will speed up the economic and social development of the area.

The result of the project

The result is  new and uniform tourist and informative signs in the Krapina-Zagorje County, marked tourist wine roads and hiking trails in Krapina Zagorje conty and joint promotion of the project and tourism in the cross-border area.