A modern hospital that provides special rehabilitation of patients with cardiac, neurological, rheumatic, and orthopedic diseases, and rehabilitation of children.
Our hospital is located in Krapinske Toplice, in one of the most beautiful parts of Hrvatsko Zagorje – in the middle of a peaceful wally, surrounded by picturesque hills. The entire hospital facilities are constructed above thermal springs that have been used for treatments since Roman Era, known as Aquae Vivae – water of life.
Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Krapinske Toplice is equipped with the latest medical diagnostics devices used for providing treatments and for monitoring further treatment's outcomes. Our medical programs are based on the synergy of natural medical agents application with all available the latest physical medicine and rehabilitation treatments.

Medical programs:
• Treatments and rehabilitation of all conditions caused by head and brain injuries, and other neurological diseases.
• Treatments and rehabilitation of cardiac patients with angina pectoris, heart attack, and post cardiac-surgery rehabilitation.
• Treatments and rehabilitation of all post-traumatic musculoskeletal system disorders.
• Post orthopedic surgery rehabilitation.
• Treatments and rehabilitation of degenerative disorders, rheumatism, diabetes with neurological and blood circulation disorders.
• Treatments and rehabilitation of patients with peripheral blood circulation dysfunction.

Therapeutic thermo-mineral water
Our hospital is widely known for healing mineral water with temperatures between 39oC and 41oC, naturally enriched calcium, magnesium and hydro-carbonate. There are four indoor swimming pools that are located within the hospital. Well known “Jakob's” pool, which is constructed at the thermal springs, yet inside hospital facility, is one of the few such examples in the world. Water is used for treatments performed in swimming pools and tubes, bathing is combined with different medical exercises; these procedures are rounded by application of physical effects of water: temperature, hydrostatic pressure, buoyancy and friction. Arguments for therapeutic effects of mineral water can be found in a few centuries old records of its application for therapeutic purposes, as well as in recent medical reports that prove its curative quality. Drinking warm mineral water after bathing was a common practice during the last century, and has still been used, since there are numerous scientific records, as well as long term practice, that confirm therapeutic effects of this procedure.

Fango – medical mud - is composed of microscopic mineral particles that spring up with mineral water, and subside at the spring's edges. Fango has got good thermal properties and is used as healing wrap for the whole body or for specific body parts. After being mechanically processed and heated, mud is packed in fabric cloth and wrapped around body or a body part. Medical consultation is recommended to be done before each fango therapy.