"It stands gloriously even today, from the distance it looks alive bringing the life of the past, it seems that the old noblemen are just preparing us a warm welcome..." (Gj. Szabo)
Veliki Tabor is one of the best preserved late medieval and Renaissance castles in the continental part of Croatia. Built by the noble Rattkay family during the 16th century, it stayed in their arms till 1793. The oldest part of the complex is the central fortified building - donjon - used for dwelling and defence. Later in the 16th century four semicircular towers were built and in the 17th C. the rooms near the north wall were added. Among the owners was a famous Croatian painter, Oton Iveković, whose brush depicted the castle and the picturesque scenery around in numerous paintings.
At the moment a vast restoration work is in process in Veliki Tabor after which the museum is going to be opened inside. Until then you can enjoy in the beauty of its architecture, feel the living values of the past and listens to interesting stories and legends.

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