When life gets rough and the way out of a dark tunnel is not in sight – there is no man who has not wanted to go back to childhood. Rebirth is the dream of all dreams. On the green hills that dream can almost come true. For whoever has once immersed in Zagorje thermal springs, they felt like starting over. Close encounter with hot minerals from depth of the Earth – is the ticket to the feeling of rebirth. While droplets of thermal water caress, a fairy tale is at hand…

Old records testify. Roman legions, during manoeuvres through Pannonia, inevitable stopped on the green hills of Zagorje. The kings of pleasure, old Romans, knew what kind of impact thermal water will have on their weary warriors. Touch of warmth healed the wounds and gave back faith in victory. Two millennia have passed since then, but the winning recipe has not been changed. Modern “warriors” from factories, offices, fields, glass business towers find their faith in victory at Zagorje thermal springs.

The Big Five of the picturesque thermal Riviera offers in a small area a lot of similarities, but also a lot of local specialities. Thermae Tuhelj, with the largest sauna world, take you to the magical world of crystals, chromo therapy, ice cave, healing thermal mud, but also the biggest water planet – modern bathing resort in Our Beautiful Homeland. Thermae are unique also in the concept of self-help so-called selfness – that allows quick return to top form. Top offer of relaxation is complemented by the unique architectural concept of the Hotel Well, accommodation with 4 stars.

Only few kilometres further the old lady KrapinskeToplice awoke. Excellent and internationally proven medical tourist offer has been complemented by the new indoor thermal complex – the largest indoor complex in Croatia. Water slide, wild river, 4,5 meter deep pool for diving and artificial waves are only a part of about hundred water attractions, which Aquae Vivae are offering to their visitors.

Two hotels are taking care of the pleasant stay, one of which, Villa Magdalena, won, for several years in a row, the title of the best small family hotel on the continent. Villa Magdalena offers the unique service in Croatia – each unit (room or suite) has Jacuzzi with thermal water in the living room. Along with top accommodation there is also a restaurant with award-winning cuisine, as well as panoramic wellness oasis with saunas.

The pools of the hotel Matija Gubec are open throughout the year, and consist of the large indoor and outdoor pool with water attractions (hydro-massage, water cannons, waterfalls). Thermal water is known for its healing features that help heal various injuries, sore muscles, rheumatism, etc. It is characterized by high temperature at the well (43-63°C), which proves that it comes from great depths. High temperature, as well as rich chemical composition give the water great healing powers.

Not far from StubičkeToplice there is another little gem of Zagorje thermal Riviera. Thermae Jezerčica in Donja Stubica offer hotel accommodation with the unique outdoor water park, with large pool, three water slides, massage cannons. When it gets cold there is also the indoor thermal complex with pools and whirlpools. The unique and unforgettable romantic atmosphere is guaranteed by the floral attraction – the large Iris garden. A legend says – where the rainbow has touched the ground an iris grows each year in another colour. Swimming underneath the rainbow, horizon full of flowers – a fairy tale at hand…