"Tastes of Croatian tradition" is a national project whose creator was Borislav Šimenc, the owner of Varaždin destination management company Vall 042, and its primary goal is to promote the autochthon wine and gastronomy offer of Croatia. One of the main objectives of the project is also marking of the restaurants – bearers of the "Tastes" standard and the construction of their identity as places that ensure and provide a true experience of local food and beverages, and ultimately the creation of thematic restaurants that will contribute to the development of wine and gastronomic tourism. At the end of 2015 the Tourist Board of Krapina - Zagorje County joined the project, and in mid-July the first phase of the project was completed for the area of Krapina - Zagorje County called "Tastes of Croatian tradition - Tastes of Zagorje".

This rich experience of taste of tradition, actually a series of superior dining experiences and unforgettable gourmet delights, spread with love before you the hosts of 14 selected objects that carry the standard mark of "Tastes of Croatian tradition - Tastes of Zagorje".

The first winners of the mark “Tastes of Croatian tradition – Tastes of Zagorje” are:

„Bluesun hotel Kaj”, restaurant „Academia” from Marija Bistrica, „Dvorac Mihanović” (Castle Mihanović) from Tuheljske Toplice, Hotel „Terme Jezerčica” from Donja Stubica, hut „Bolfan” of the Winery Vinski vrh from Hraščine, hut „Grešna gorica” from Desinić, hut „Lojzekova hiža” from Gusakovec, „Majsecov mlin” (Majsec’s mill) from Donja Stubica, „Pansion Rody” from Gornja Stubica, Restaurant & catering „Sermage” from Sveti Križ Začretje, restaurant „Magdalena“-Villa Magdalena from Krapinske Toplice, restaurant „Zaboky” from Zabok , restaurant „Villa Zelenjak -Ventek” from Risvica near Kumrovec, Winery Micak – hut „Zagorski dvori” from Hum Bistrički near Marija Bistrica and Winery & restaurant pension „Vuglec Breg” from Škarićevo.

The completion and activation of the web portal okusi.hr is planned for the end of September, and the establishment of the cluster Tastes of Croatian tradition on national level is also in preparation.