Zagorje – the green door of Croatia, is a region for human vacation. It is an oasis of preserved nature, clean air, greenery and health-rich healing thermal waters.

Protected natural heritage in the area of Krapina – Zagorje County:

     1.  Significant landscape

  •          Zelenjak – Risvica and Cesar mountain,

  •          The area of Sutinske Toplice.


     2.  Nature monument

  •          Hušnjakovo (paleontological),

  •          Gubec linden tree (rare tree example),

  •          Old yew tree at Horvat’s stairs (rare tree example),

  •          Irish oak „Galženjak“ (rare tree example).


      3.  Monument of park architecture

  •          Park around the castle Hellenbach in Marija Bistrica,

  •          Park around the castle in Stubički Golubovec,

  •          Park around the castle in Mirkovec,

  •          Park around the castle in Gornja Bedekovčina,

  •          Park around the castle in Bežanec,

  •          Park around the castle on Donje Oroslavje,

  •          Park around the castle in Selnica,

  •          Park around the castle Klokovec,

  •          Park around the castle in Miljana,

  •          Hundred years old lime tree in Desinić.


      4.  Nature park

  •          Medvednica (27% of the Park surface is in the area of Krapina – Zagorje County)

In the area of Croatian Zagorje as much as 40 species and sub-species of orchids have been recorded. They grow in diverse habitats, from wet meadows in the lowland, to the forests and bushes, and the largest number of species grows on the dry grassland. Strahinjčica stands out in the number of species and population density of this species. Orchids are unique for the beauty of flowers and special attraction mechanism for pollinators. Although they are one of the largest family of plants, they are in their natural habitat very rare. All species and sub-species of orchids are strictly protected.

Life is a journey, and one who travels lives literally two lives. The happy ones on this journey will at least once walk through the green hills of Zagorje, which offer peace on every step, intimate contact with nature and open palms of hospitable and welcoming hosts.