The famous thermal health resort – Krapinske Toplice – is situated in a quiet valley surrounded by picturesque hills. The healing properties of water are the foundation of the developed offer of health tourism. Touristic offer of the place is complemented by the new indoor thermal complex – the largest indoor complex in Croatia. Water slide, wild river, 4,5 m deep pool for diving, artificial waves are only a part of about hundred water attractions, which Aquae Vivae are offering to their visitors.

In the Special hospital for medical rehabilitation Krapinske Toplice rheumatic, orthopaedic and cardiovascular diseases are treated with lot of success. In Krapinske Toplice is also the most modern hospital for invasive cardiology in Croatia, known as “Magdalena”, and also the Special hospital for orthopaedic surgery “Akromion”. During the Days of Croatian tourism KrapinskeToplice were declared as the finalist in the category destination of the year, subcategory most successful destination for health tourism in Republic of Croatia.

For a pleasant stay here is Villa Magdalena that offers the unique service in Croatia – each unit (room or suite) has Jacuzzi with thermal water in the living room. Next to the excellent accommodation here is also the panoramic wellness oasis with saunas.

Stubičke Toplice are situated at the foot of Zagreb Mountain on the Zagorje side. The popular “Stubaki”, as they are called for years by generations of visitors, are a favourite excursion site for Zagreb residents. Stubičke Toplice are proud of century-old tourist tradition. Thermal springs are mentioned already in the 13th century. In the 19th century Zagreb Bishop Maksimilijan Vrhovac also noticed the healing properties of the water, and bought the resort, where today the Special hospital for medical rehabilitation Stubičke Toplice is situated. The water temperature at the well is from 43 to 69 degrees Celsius. It has very rich chemical composition.

The indoor pools of the hotel Matija Gubec are open throughout the year, and consist of the large indoor pool with water attractions (hydro-massage, water cannons, waterfalls). Thermal water is known for its healing features that help heal various injuries, sore muscles, rheumatism, etc. It is characterized by high temperature at the well (43-63°C), which proves that it comes from great depths. High temperature, as well as rich chemical composition give the water great healing powers.

At the well of natural healing thermal water there are Thermae Jezerčica in Donja Stubica. They are situated in a quiet area next to the Nature Park Medvednica. Natural thermal spring water with the temperature of 36 ºC runs through the whole complex.

Thermal water, natural healing mud, massages and saunas, in- and outdoor pools, rich selection of sport facilities, the castle form the 18th century, are ideal choice for vacation, fun and recreation in Thermae Tuhelj. The water temperature of 33 degrees Celsius and the healing mud help body to relax and renew.