It is said that there is no man who at least once did not wish to be a king, to be pampered, while enjoying delicious delicacies on the plate and in the glass. It sounds like a fairy tale, but today even that feeling is possible. It is enough just to turn onto Zagorje wine paths. For, the English court itself imported regularly turkey and mlinci (homemade pastry) from these paths, and in London today they are crazy about the sweet Zagorje ice wines. On the hill the royal feeling is guaranteed. Fairy tale is at the palace, fairy tale is on the hill, fairy tale is on the table, fairy tale is in Zagorje.

Zagorje wine path labyrinth is magical. Unforgettable, because it spreads on top of the hills, with a breath taking view. Inspiring, because it is composed of sunny green vineyards, wooden huts, calloused hands and welcoming smiles. Irresistible, because it combines the tastes of juicy roasted turkey with carefully cultivated wine cards. Pleasant, because the wind carries the sounds of domestic songs through the hills. In such labyrinth no one is lost.

It is impossible to get lost near Budinšćina, although the largest vineyard of Zagorje – famous Vinski Vrh (Wine Top) – is situated exactly here. For whoever comes and closes his eyes the elves will take him into the restaurant where homemade delicacies are complemented by the unique blues of Zagorje harmonica. In Stubica region, at the foot of dense Sljeme forests, lures Lojzekova hiža (Lojzek’s house) with its unique offer of Sljeme mushrooms. Also the one who listens the sounds of clear streams will not get lost, because the wooden wheel at Majsecov mlin (Majsec’s mill) calls for lunch to remember. The ones, whose heart beats stronger because of love, will always find their own “little corner”, in Zagorje called “vuglec” (nook) – which makes romantic Vuglec Breg the best choice for them, for, what is more romantic than champagne and local specialities from the “oven of grandma Roza”, served in the old Zagorje cottage. Not even those, who follow the story of the tragic love of Veronika Desinićka, which is still told in Grešna gorica near Desinić, will not get lost. But even more stories are being told about the great bučnica (pumpkin pastry) or zlevanka (corn pastry). Klet Kozjak (Kozjak hut) near Sv. Križ Začretje (Hl. Cross Začretje) on the other hand lures on its hill with unique goat cheese, which proved to be a great foundation for enjoyment of the wine offer. A lot can be learned about wines and local specialities – and the restaurant Stara škola (Old school) is one of the places that offers unique meals made of locally grown and daily fresh ecological foods and fruits from Zagorje forests, fields and meadows. One of them are unavoidable štruklji (strudel) – which are proudly offered in all Zagorje restaurants, but to eat them in Zelenjak, near the monument of Our Beautiful on the river Sutla is truly a unique experience.  Just like tastings of local wines and food at Masnec, with unforgettable view of the hills. And each hill in Zagorje nurtures its unique wine story. They are countless – so we point out two. Only in Zagorje, in Klanjec, grows the wine sort – Sokol. Only 20 vines survived the centuries in the Franciscan monastery – and they give a powerful wine that reminds of the fragrant French Traminers and that everybody should try. Just like the ice wines of the absolute master of wine competitions – Boris Drenški. He climbed the world wine Olympus at the famous London wine fair, and the secret of the specific sweetness of his wines he thanks, in his words, the traditional Zagorje wine acidity that, when faced with low temperatures on vines, turns into sweet wine pearl. Fairy tale is in the glass, fairy tale is sweet, fairy tale is in Zagorje.