Through the central area of Krapina – Zagorje County run the road and rail routes of greater importance, which are connecting Republic of Croatia with the European transport system. This gives this County an important mediating role, but it also brands it as a transit area.

The most important road route that passes through the County in the line of the transverse corridor north-south is the international road E-59 that connects Nurnberg – Linz – Graz – Macelj – Zagreb – Split. The other national corridors that connect to this main direction are the connections with Varaždin and Zagreb County, as well as city of Zagreb and Republic of Slovenia.

Zagorje is well connected with the rest of Croatia, but also Europe. One of the ways to plan your trip to Zagorje is therefore – by plane. Airport Franjo Tuđman connects Krapina-Zagorje County with the most important European centres in less than 3 hours. Airport is situated only 40 km away.

Your trip to Zagorje is also possible by train. All major destinations in Zagorje are interconnected with the rail. Therefore you can start your trip to Zagorje by train from all major stations in Europe. Connectivity within Croatian and international directions make Zagorje an ideal destination for all who like to travel by train.