Gentle hills that surround Krapinske Toplice are embroidered with numerous paths and walks. While discovering their beauty, one reaches balance between having an aesthetic pleasure in the peace and quiet of the green landscapes of Zagorje and improving one's fitness. While taking a stroll along the walks, you can breathe in Zagorje with full lungs. It's possible to discover the area as it used to be, what it is like nowadays and what it will become in the future. Picturesque quaint little houses, vineyards and wine-dressers' huts, chapels, old parks and pathways, together with modern villas, all reflect a different light throughout each season. Those are the glows that await your discovery...

Walking helps you maintain your good health, improve your physical fitness, it prevents heart and vascular diseases and facilitates recovery (under obligatory professional medical supervision).
All walks have their starting point in the park overlooking the Specialized hospital for medicinal rehabilitation, while the level of difficulty increases as you go further away from the starting point, although sometimes it may not seem that way.
If you get carried away and reach the first belvedere and yet wish to go further on, you will find that the paths are marked with signs, which, accompanied with the map in your hand, will facilitate your orientation and planning of the amount of your physical exertion.

With respect to the level of strain on the body, there are three main groups of walks.

Therapeutic walks – these walks allow the ill to take enjoyable strolls, and ,if accompanied with an adequate programme, to restore certain functional abilities of the cardiovascular system and also to acquire habits, which help maintain the existing life functions. These walks are suitable for people of impaired health (patients with cardiovascular disorders) in obligatory consultation with a doctor.
Recreational walks – free walks for people who want to rest, appropriate for maintenance of good health and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
Trim walks – walks appropriate for healthy people who want to boost up their physical fitness. Accompained by a stretching programme, such walking boosts up your physical aptitude and accumulates reserves of physical strength.