Airfield Zabok is situated in Grubaševo, not far from Zabok. Airport, built in 2011, is the first and only airport ever built in this county. The function of the airport is currently sport, recreation and tourism, with the possibility to be used for school purposes in the future.
The take-off and landing track covered with grass is 799 m long, with possibility of extension to 1.199 m, and 30 m wide. Lengthwise and on the ends it is marked with white curbs. The user of the airport is Zagorje aero club, formed for the area of Krapina Zagorje County by former members of Aero club Zagreb. The licence is for the airport of the first category, I A, intended, for now, for landing of aircrafts up to 2,730 kg. The airport is the only one registered as balloon take-off place, and except ultra light aircrafts and balloons the (para) sail planes and paragliders can also use it.