PAINTBALL is extreme, dynamic sport played with a marker (gun) on various types of polygons, but to win you need determination, courage, teamwork...
There are several ways to play paintball, but the most common way is to divide the players into two teams. Number of players can vary from two to hundreds; the number is only limited by the size of the terrain (forest, speedball polygon...) and imagination of players.
Between games or after being shot the players rest, check their equipment or supply themselves with balls in a (if agreed so earlier) specially marked “safe zone”. Win or lose – all having a good time.
The goal of the game is to hit (mark) the opponent with a marker (in layman’s terms “a gun” that uses CO2 gas or compressed air to eject balls filled with paint), and to eliminate him from the game for that round.
The best way to free yourself from stress and have a great time at the same time!!!
Terrain DUM-DUM: spacious meadow with variety of obstacles, trenches, shooting stands, bunkers... that spreads over 6000 m2; one of the biggest open-field terrains in Krapina-Zagorje County; only 10 minutes away from the centre of Oroslavje; specially adapted for interesting game no matter if the group is big or small; part of the terrain is a facility where you can relax and refresh after the game – there is also a grill that you can use.