Among gentle green hills, with bluish mountains in the distance, white paths and roads meander while almost at ever turn a view opens onto a chapel on the top of the hill, onto a belfry, a Baroque manor or a mansion. And at crossroads crosses greet, reminding us who is the right path and the true life…

Although small in size, Zagorje prides on very valuable Gothic and Baroque churches as well as many shrines and feast sites. Let us follow in the footsteps of romari, pilgrims who celebrated Mary since ancient times by making pilgrimages to her divine sites. In these hurried times fast means of transportation replaced walking, but the goal
has remained the same: people travel from all sides to fulfill their vows, to have their prayers heard, to give generous contributions…

In a word, to enjoy the blessing of God’s presence and get their fill of beauties our ancestors left to us as a fruit of their knowledge and spirit. Hrvatsko Zagorje developed a whole network of pilgrimage routes with a very lively
calendar. Pilgrims came to Hrvatsko Zagorje any way they could: on carts and carriages, walking through the night, barefooted, on their knees… depending on how they took to the great mercy, how they carried great hope in their hearts or prayed to God to hear their plea. The boom of Marian shrines took place in the Baroque times, when the
danger of Ottoman Turks’ attacks was still very much alive, and when Croatia was brought down to “reliquiae reliquiarum”, the remains of remains. At that time Zagreb and the surrounding area including Hrvatsko Zagorje were the “bulwark of Christianity”, and Mary was “advocata Croatie fidelissima”, Croatia’s most faithful advocate. One of the best-known guides through the Holy Land and a renowned Bible scholar, Adalbert Rebić, compares the landscape of Galilee to Hrvatsko Zagorje. Similarity comes from gentle hills whose toponyms remind us of the
ground Jesus and Mary walked on: Mali Tabor, Veliki Tabor, Taborsko, Our Lady of Jerusalem at Trški Vrh. A great number of churches dedicated to Our Lady gave Rebić the right to conclude that Hrvatsko Zagorje is in fact
“Mary’s beautiful garden.”

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